Last Whispers



 Years slipping away -

 forever passing by,

gone in tearful rues,

and on elated smiles


Heaped in moments,

gathered memories inside -

life's start till end,

holding passions and trials


Summoned to all-

with tugs on a heartstring,

with love to tend,

for each disquiet's mend


As seasons tumbled,

through reaches of time,

bestowed devotions,

came without pretend


Today as always,

belonging only to you,

last breaths I take,

become whispers to share


Words to heaven,

where you now reside,

as my eyes see night-

hoping I'll soon be there


© C.E.Vance

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and_hera_met_zeus's picture

beautifully sad.  it tugs at

beautifully sad.  it tugs at my heart.

cevance's picture

Thank you kindly.

Thank you kindly.