Between the Pages

In the shuffle of yellowed pages,
a treasured keep from another time.
Withered by course of summoned years,
remnants to succumb with the slightest touch.

Into stilled air rises muskiness from old,
to linger in the pause of discovery's wake.
Due care be given to fragile between bind,
lest all be scattered in the exhale of a breath.

Blanched crimson awash on a brittle crown,
majestic petals crushed in the presses' hold.
A garden's splendor passes to ashen gray,
shorn stem lays broken with its leafings to dust.

A story for a rose inside an open book,
beyond words dwell a memory of an age.
Placed in stay with its secrets still untold,
perhaps a loving tender whispered tale.

Flower freshly bloomed passed into one's hand,
a token for wishful dreams or something more.
Blossom tended in décor's vase till its final hours,
then gently laid within the passages of new home.

Lost to the years between the pages of a book,
found in the chapter of loving you all the while.
End of story written in a penciled broken heart;
I've lost you forever -- still brings tears into the eyes.

© C.E.Vance

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very profound, great analogy!

very profound, great analogy!

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Thank you for taking the time

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on one of my works.