Beneath the Shadows of the Moon

Stilly shadows hide the shining moon
cloudy mists fashion a shroud for his eyes
Twinkle of star winks a knowing smile
window to heaven opens in the skies

Hazy veil across the backdrop of time
gives rise to celestial’s whispered way
In diminished light an awakening dawns
fall of night arouses passions in stay

Shackled to forbearance of every soul
lone self dwells within a void’s rise
Tears seep from wounds of sorrowed hearts
but days to follow soothe their broken cries

In will of ways wishes come to pass
cease the calling from foreboding nights
Found love shares the wonder of dreams
with eyes for the moment is evening’s lights

And Darkness falls upon the whispering still
In surrounding view shades are no longer strewn
Upon this night I’ll tenderly love you
lying beneath the shadows of the moon

© C.E.Vance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

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cathycavalcante's picture

Oh this is lovely and

Oh this is lovely and especially drew me in because I simply adore the moon!!

I've written several pieces about/for the moon.

Being a Cancer...I'm drawn and connected to that lovely lunar orb.

Nicely writ! :)


cevance's picture

Thank you - as I always say -

Thank you - as I always say - it's as I imagine things to be.