The days run together,

stringing me out of my own misery.

I forget the passion and I forget the pain.

No more feelings in all.

I love to hate them,

but hate to have them.

There is no dignity to be had these days,

just the sad realization that I am alone.

If there was more time,

I would rewind the clock and stitch back my ego.

Will there never be a stable life to grasp?

I was just a mixed up kid,

falling for the man in you.

Now I'm just passing out of boredom,

everything has changed.

You tick and tock back and forth in my mind

the thought of your fingers on the clock scares me.

Has there ever been more to this?

Was I ever more than just a vulnerable kid?


But maybe I was born to be this way,

to be searching for nothing more than you.

If that's true, I'm screwed.

They tell me this will all just fade,

back into a memory of us.

Before we fell apart.

Before I grew up.

When we were still amazing.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What is it with this town? Everytime we win, it just feels like losing? - Darren Hayes "Casey"

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