So much has happened lately,

a floating feeling left inside

with a casual expression of regret.

I despise the pretty pink girls,

money falling out their surgically enchanced ass.

With daddy to throw them porsches and jaguars,

baby blue and steamy red.

My life has turned curvy,

pushing people into the vortex.

Moods fluctuating between expresssions.

All I have left is my pride.

Catastrophic events ensue,

a volcanic erruption of absolute pleasure

in knowing I'm not alone.

Hurricanes blow over inside my head,

bleeding out the pain I'm feeling.

All the meshes of emotions

making me scared to close my eyes at night,

when I lay inside myself.

Dreaming and scheming of some way to free the hate.

But without a direct plug,

I'm unable to sinc my waves with anyone else,

though it isn't a real surprise.

I'm just buying my time,

till lately becomes the past.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Welcome to Hell, may I take your order??

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Excellent word choices. I'm in love with the last line of this poem.