You're Mine

i touch your chest and breathe in slow,

without your lips i'd never know,

the taste of your kiss is sweet and rare,

to deny me this is just unfair.

i've begged and begged to be yours,

i've beaten out the tramps and whores,

all who wanted to grab ahold your heart,

i cleared away the menacing dark.

flooded your life with goodness and light,

tucked you away into the night,

held you while you cried your tears,

and don't forget; i banished your fears.

i am the one who is devoted to you,

why can't you see my love is true.

i killed them all so we could be,

together just us, you and me.

you don't need them, let them go!

they'd only get in the way you know!

i stained my hands red with their blood,

upon my clothes did it all flood...

my mind washed it all away,

burning the bodies during the day.

i fought them all to call you mine,

those dirty women... so undivine.

you are mine, and mine ALONE!!

you cannot leave, i am your HOME!

shut up, sit down, you'll learn i know...

eventually your love for me will grow.

all is fair in love and war...

now that everyone is dead we can talk some more.

please don't tell me you hate me, it hurts so much...

all i crave is to feel your touch!

hold me tight, like i do to you!

or i will get a boy brand new!

you will be without a love,

in fact you can join them up above!

death will take you if you do not obey!

listen to me, listen to me, hear what i say!

you are with me forever, that is all time...

your my pet, my love, your MINE.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

you can never leave me... i will always have a part of you... i OWN you...

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Marie Even's picture

This poem is excellent, even though it is very creepy. However, grammar does matter, especially in the title. And are all the exclaimation points at the end really necessary?