Xtreme Alphabet

Clouds of red.

Dance in my head.

Silly shows.

Watch the flows.

Ivory tower.

Looming hours.

Brave cowards pray.

For a longing day.

A cross to dismiss.

Satan's kiss.

Killing needs.

Justice heeds.

Observing lives.

Queen bees at their hives.

Pools of blue.

Forgetting you.

Making dreams.

Nightly scheams.

Very of tilt.

Xtreme sword hilt.

Undermining the world.

Zany little girl.

Expecting trust.

Galling winds that gust.

Quiting scales.

Road that fales.

Young bird.

That which will never be heard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

absolutely nothing to do with anything, i want to write a poem with every letter of the alphabet that began the sentence. and i wanted it to ryhme. oh well!

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Corey Fox's picture

interesting piece of nothing! absolutely a must in every writers works - we must get the words out! i think You have a few spelling mistakes (but they could be purposeful) - scheams & fales. Keep writing

one love