Water Droplets

Walking along the creek,

You stop to look at me for a moment.

For me its a battle of who has more power,

For you, its romance.

Hopelessly in love with what i hate,

Singing my life into pathetic words.

Don't forget, I remind myself,

That you aren't worthy.

Friends surround us,

But our eyes are only for each other.

Dancing and laughing,

I fall to the ground to watch you.

Streams of water run behind the trees.

Carefully I remove the shoes I wore today,

Hoping you will follow.

The do.

You do.

Promises run deep in your heart,

And I must admitt you make me jealous.

Water glides over my tanned foot,

Slipping into the gorgeous wetness of the creek.

We talk there, and laugh,

Like nothing in the world matters.

I'm not appaled by your lack of talking,

Rather, I sometimes like being the object of affection.

Me and you.

Our friends by our sides.

Never knew how beautiful life could be,

Until I was aware that I could exsist in it.

Then it starts.

First it is a tiny splash,

A flick of a wet hand.

Soon it is a lot oh water in a cupped mold,

And after a while sticks and stones change the game.

Soaking, I stand there,

My hair back to curls and my outfit streaming tears.

Just wondering what it would be like to kiss you,

Hoping I get the chance.

Silly Koi, the way you love me is dangerous,

I've become addicted to your feelings, touch, rhythm, your life.

We stand there, dripping with water,

Staring into each others eyes.

I move forward to kiss you,

But water catches me and I'm lost within this endless battle that tears me up inside.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

me.....you....forever....those are the three words i dread hearing.

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