Terry's Choice

Terry was a lovely child, born a month too late.

Her parents were aefully worried, but her health was really great.

Terry grew up in a house, with lots of sisters and a brother.

Her house was always happy, her father loved her mother.

Childhood for Terry, was exactly like a dream.

She danced all night, sang at church, and was the leader of the cheerleading team.

One day during high school, Terry met this wonderful boy.

He was captain of the football team, he was smart, his name was Roy.

Roy and Terry hit it off and started dating right away.

Everyone thought they were perfect, and their love would never stray.

Up 'till senior year, their relationship seemed all right.

Until one day Terry wanted to go to a party late that night.

Roy was a wholesome kid, who wouldn't follow the crowd's tow.

He told Terry he would see her tomorrow because he didn't want to go.

Terry felt bad, but she didn't seem to care.

The call Roy made was his own, and the her that was fair.

So Terry and her good friend Sue hopped into Terry's corvette.

They drove off thinking it would be the best party yet.

Roy watched his girlfriend drive off down the road with her smiling friend.

He had no idea he would never see either of them again.

Terry and Sue arrived at the party, and Terry just didn't think;

that her life could be impacted, by just a little drink.

But Terry had not just one drink, she ended up having five.

And Sue who was getting sick, begged Terry for a ride.

The two girls hopped into the car and drove right out of sight;

Totally unaware of what would happen that deadly night.

Driving down the interstate, trying to highway 53;

Terry became unconcious and slammed the car into a tree.

Sue was thrown from the car, and landed right in a creek.

By time help would arrive, her chances for survival were meek.

Terry's body lay smashed between the hooked steering wheel.

Her ribs were broken, but it didn't matter, much seemed so unreal.

A passing car saw the wreck and dialed 911.

then the two men scavanged the car, searchign for anyone.

Instantly they saw Terry and her bloodied face.

But becuase of where she was, they couldn't move her out of place.

Terry saw the light coming from afar, she opened her tearing eyes.

And all around her what she heared was the voices of two guys.

Terry felt someone grab her tiny hand and give a call.

She knew right then that her time was getting small.

"Tell him that I love him, and tell my parents I love them too.

Please don't forget this message, I'm entrusting it with you."

Terry smiled one last smile as she lay her head down on the wheel.

Not one more second of precious breath would her lungs steal.

An ambulence arrived shortly after Terry passed the Heaven's gate.

By time they got her out of the car, they knew it was too late.

The two boys were called hero's for their brave deed, but they knew they had a choice.

They decided to talk to Terry's family, and give her back her voice.

One sunday afternoon, as mass let out of St. Blake,

the two boys approached the grieving family, and spoke for Terry's sake.

"Terry told us to tell you she loved you, and that was mostly what she said.

We're sorry that someone so young and beautiful had to wind up dead."

Terry's mother began to cry, because she understand Terry's word.

Her brother and her sisters just wished that their baby sister could be heard.

"I neglected to mention that Terry said something about loving a boy."

Terry's family looked at each other, and knew that this was Roy.

The two boys looked at the family and saw their grief and sorrow.

"Is there anyway we can reach this boy by tomorrow?"

Terry's brother Michael,finalyl decided to speak out.

"After Terry died, you see, her good friend Jane got going about..."

The two hero's didn't quiet understand, so Michael made it short.

He didn't want someone to say it all twisted and distort.

"Jane went over to Roy's house to help him grieve, and found him face down on his bed.

It seems he was overcome by grief so he ended his life with a bullet to the head."

For what seemed like forever, silence fell over the town.

The entire family and the boys stared at the lifeless ground.

"If only we could get the message out to these kids, not to drink and drive."

"Maybe then the people would stay a lot more alive."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Laura Jean, who was struck down in her prime. I love you Laura, you are my Guardian Angel.

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mpr8888@yahoo.com's picture

tragic but all too common story!! no matter what you try, most have to learn the hard way. unfortunately. but don't stop showing you're message. maybe one will understand!!