Grandfather (For Me)

When you met her,

you were skeptical.

When you found out I was coming,

you were happy.

At the wedding,

you tried your best to smile.

For me.

When I cried out in confusion,

you watched them cut the cord.

You smiled at me,

with your light colored eyes.

Holding me so gently,

you cried.

For me.

When I learned that I could move,

you called for me to come near.

I followed that voice,

because I recognized it.

You watched me learn to fall,

but you let me go on solo.

For me.

When I grew up and learned to talk,

you carried on conversations.

The time we spent was priceless,

and you always waited for my return.

I never passed the chance to sit in your lap,

and you never let me go without a kiss.

For me.

When I started school,

you were my biggest hero.

All your shiny medals,

and long stories about nothing.

I sat and listened on the edge of the couch,

as you told me your life.

For me.

When I learned how to count,

you taught me monopoly.

Ever since then,

we always play and laugh.

I never seem to win,

but when I do, you accept gratiously.

For me.

When I need to do a family tree,

you were eager to help me out.

You broke into more stories,

and you listed all the names.

When I asked you for more details,

you smiled and said you forgot.

For me.

When I grew into a young lady,

you let me see my own way.

You debated with me when I asked you,

and I happily took in your point of view.

But when I tried to get you to understand,

you remained stubborn.

For me.

When I graduated jr. high,

you smiled and handed me 20.

I didn't care about the money,

just so long as you were there.

We knew that I was scared,

so you hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek.

For me.

Now that I'm in high school,

you are my history lesson.

Each memory I have is flawless,

and you never seem boring.

I count on you for stories,

and you count on my trips.

For me.

When I graduate high school,

you will be there watching.

If not in person,

then from heaven's lazy boy couches.

You leaving would be terrible,

but you always say, "NO regrets!"

For me.

When I go off to college,

I will call to see how you are doing.

Gramma will tell me you are fine,

that weeds have not overgrown you.

I will be sad for that time,

knowing that I have left you.

For me.

When I graduate from college,

I will bring you lots of presents.

You will never be lonely  next to gramma,

and I can always be satisfied that you are happy.

Although I will still be sad,

I will put a smile on my face for you.

For me.

When I find the one I love,

my heart will miss you more.

Because I will say yes,

and you will not be there to see.

My father and I will talk about you often,

I'll remember all the stories you told.

For me.

When I start my own family,

you will be my example.

I will learn from your mistakes,

and I will follow your teachings.

Never more then will I respect you,

for all you stood and defended.

For me.

When I watch my family grow,

you will be my story.

I will tell my kids about you,

and all the stories you told me.

They will sit on my lap,

with you being our favorite subject.

For me.

When I become a grandparent,

I will know what you felt inside.

Waiting for that baby to be born,

I will swell with happiness.

Seeing that new child,

will make me think of you.

For me.

When I grow old and near my time,

I will get scared and fret.

But you will come to mind and I'll see,

that you feared nothing in your last days.

So I will keep my chin up high,

and wait to see you soon.

For me.

When I lay on my deathbed,

ready to leave this world.

I will have a request,

one to make of my kids.

To bury me next to the one who loved me so,

to bury me next to you.

For you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm scared of when you leave me, how will i be able to handle it? i will miss you so bad grampa. i will miss you oh so bad...

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L J's picture

I cry a million tears, one for each of those poor souls, who never had the chance to know, the love of someone like him, that you so rightfully know.

Marie Even's picture

That was so beautiful it made me cry. Absolutely fantastic, and I know your grandfather would be the proudest man in the world to read it.