Leaving Tonight

I bite my nails.

I twist my shirt.

I cannot believe.

I'm this disturbed.

I cry out your name.

I bury my face.

I laugh so loud.

In this deserted place.

I brush off feelings.

I hide my thoughts.

I'm going crazy.

I've been there lots.

I want to see you.

I want you to leave.

I'm frustrated at this feeling.

I don't know why it won't leave.

I guess I'm alone.

I know that I'm not.

I feel so bitter and cold.

My heart feels hot.

Everything changed.

And every one is gone.

So now I'm leaving.

Good bye, so long.

You'll miss me when I'm not here.

You'll hate me when I leave.

You'll miss all the stupid things.

You'll miss my everything.

So watch me walk away.

And watch me say goodbye.

I'm leaving here forever.

I'm leaving here: TONIGHT

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm walking away from everything i know, in hopes to find, something... anything... everything... and a little bit of nothing...

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