Silly Girl

Gentle dripping of the rain,

Chilling thoughts to calm the pain.

Silly girl why did you fight,

Against what you knew was right?

Not understanding the bitterness of it all,

Sending her down from her throne so tall.

Deary won't you love me please?

Begging you I'm on my knees!

No place to run, No way to turn,

A place at night, A bridge to burn.

Tears that pour like acid rain,

And she thought that it was all the same.

Have I deserted you?

Have I left you untrue?

Did I break your heart?

Did I make you dark?

Devil's maid to drink your blood,

All I wanted was your love!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*sigh* another random feeling of insecurity...happens now and then don't you think so??

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Gary Fritz's picture

i really like this one, i understand how you feel to and extend also, minus the whole "girl" part