Cold Wind

Clouds shadow over my face as rain teases my nose.

The wind sweeps against my bare face and leaves it red.

My body chills and I feel cold.

Strong arms wrap themselves around my waist and pull me close to their owner.

Day to night; I constantly change.

Seasons and reasons.

Oceans of emotinos.

I watch as your long hair covers my shoulders, blending in with my own.

Black onto brown.

Always a dark hue to watch in your eyes.

Slowly you pull me back to the bed of dreams and hold me there.

Not forceful with your needs.

Seagulls and ferns emerge from the border as I can see.

Your hands slowly slide down my shoulders.

Hands so warm against my cold body.

Touching my life through my body.

I allow you to hold me, to keep me safe.

Laying with you is serene.

Words can't say enough.

Not enough to express how I feel. Or what I want.

You kiss my neck and leave me feeling all tingly inside.

You know just how to tease my heart.

If only I could return the favor.

Stone is my heart and I wish it to be broken from its shell.

Skin against skin.

Gently you become part of me, and I melt right into you.

Holding me, even when I look my worst.

No make-up to hide my flaws.

No plastic smile.

You like me.

You never expect more then that.

I like you.

You never expect more then that.

Laying against your chest is a fantasy.

Reality is when you smile at me and tell me how cute I am.

In my dreams I fall asleep next to you, and wake in your arms.

Such a shame dreams will only be dreams.

Perhaps one day....

You hold my entire being close to you.

I'm here but I'm far.

So I'm not perfect....we know this.

No lying anymore.

Arms wrapped tight around my waist as liquid sun pours from your heart.

Heaven sent me and angel to deliever me from the cold depths of this world.

I sit in the hammock of the earth, watching you go by.

Being invisible has the advantages that I wanted.

I miss you as you forget to stop and step down from your little world.

Sometimes it hurts.

So it begins to snow.

Cold water frozen to tiny bits.

Falls from heaven to the tip of my nose and the wind whips agaisnt my naked heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

another sappy love poem thingy...

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L J's picture

I could feel the poem as I read it. Nicely written.