Jesus, the Cure for the Soul

Like a dull blade to an unprotected heart, the bittersweet thoughts trickle through my mind like an IV injecting its serum to somehow keep me alive. This IV keeps me holding onto life but it doesn't mask the pain, the temptation, the phobia. I try to stay awake before the anistesia overwhelms my soul, keeping me from understanding what is real and what is fiction. Im in the hospital due to an overdose on emotion. I consumed the fleshly desires like pills fresh out of the medicine cabinet until I could take no more. This high was tempting for more, but its presence was only temporary. I suddenly wake up, lying on the floor in confusion and despair, as if my soul and everything in it was thrown in the trash of incomplete dreams. I panic and begin to run down these winding roads searching for the path He has set for me but i forget to read the signs as i rush pass them and then become lost. I suddenly awake in this hospital bed, opening my eyes to reality. I see Him. I see Him 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is something I had written while in a relationship. I was in college, with many worries and experienced an overflow of emotion. I thought the best way to describe how I was feeling was to relate my emotions to a drug overdose, because like an overdose, the emotion I was facing was paralyzing me and killing my soul. The urge to be liked and to go party in the midst of preparing for med school was a tough temptation to overcome. I was cured of this by finding Jesus. I found him in these trials and he let me to the light. That is the message of this story.

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