Sheer Poetry


Transparent thoughts

veiled in mystery,


like vaporous silks

running between my fingers.

They glide along


delicate chiffon,

touching my heart

with gentle airy caresses.

Soft, breathless breezes

billow aside curtains

that cover the windows of my soul,

admitting the passage

of fabricated light to circulate freely.


white laced dreams

course through the eye of the needle,

pinpointing where lives are sewn together,

binding the seams.

Delicate swatches

of see-through tulle,

bound with gossamer ribbons,

fasten frayed and worn edges,

with sturdy borders.

A crafting of a hand-woven

tapestry of my life,

embellished with my thoughts and dreams,

fragile and lucid

upon translucent parchment.

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Beatnik1979's picture


shocked to find this gem tucked away..totally undisturbed or reviewed.

Let me be the fist to say, then...with much sincerity..that this IS sheer poetry. 

I thought at first ( by view of title) perhaps an embellishment...

and i was wrong.  This is Wonderful

cathycavalcante's picture have my thanks, have my thanks, William, for both taking the time to read and for your kind words of reply. This was always one of my personal favs and I am glad you found it to read too! lol


cevance's picture

A wonderful read. I enjoyed

A wonderful read. I enjoyed this very much.

cathycavalcante's picture

Many thanks, CE. Glad you

Many thanks, CE.

Glad you enjoyed it. :)