Dear Son,



Dear Son,

Dear Son, I hope this finds you well,

And that you are safe and all is right.

I hope that they are treating you good,

While training you how to fight.

Nothing much is happening here,

Just more of the usual stuff.

Its hard to go about my days,

When I'm missing you so much.

I count the days off mentally,

And mark them on the calendar too.

Knowing that each, that gets crossed out,

Brings me one day closer, to seeing you.

But then I wonder, just how long,

That you'll be home again to stay.

How long till they 'call you up'

And you must answer and go away?

I know that being a Soldier, Son,

Is all you've ever wanted to be.

And while that leaves me feeling proud,

Its also utterly terrifying to me.

I think back over the years gone by,

When you were just a little boy.

When the only guns, that you played with,

Were plastic, harmless toys.

I knew back then, the path you'd choose,

And now it has come to pass.

But still, I wish, you were still small,

Playing with Army men in the grass.

How has time just gone by so fast,

In only the blink of a mother's eye?

That now I've had to watch, another of my birds,

Spread his wings and and fly?

But no matter where life takes you, Son,

When you're tired and need to rest-

Remember home, is always here...

There will always be room in my nest.

For a mother's children, all will leave,

But in her heart, there's always a home.

And that's where I keep you, tucked safely inside,

While out on your own, in the world, you roam.

And so for now, I'll close this letter,

So I can send it out, and on its way.

But remember my Son, I Love You So Much,

and I'm missing you every day...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For my son Zach, who is at ARMY BASIC TRAINING.

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may the lord lead and protect

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