Ode To OCC


Where to get this started,

is really quite hard to decide,

but hey, those guys, sure can build,

one hell of an awesome ride!

Fabrication and imaginative design,

that are at their very best,

puts Orange County Choppers

way above all of the rest.

Paulie, well he's an artist,

that's easy to surmise.

You can see the wheels a-turnin',

deeply within' in his creative eyes.

Senior, yeah, sure he's gruff,

and oh, how he loves a fight.

But we all know, that his bark,

is actually worse than his bite!

Mikey, poor, poor Mikey,

he just can't get a break,

as out through the shop door,

the trash he does again take.

Vinnie, goes about the days

in his funny, quiet reserves,

but I'm always sure to give him,

the mighty credit he deserves!

Cody, though while young,

that boy sure knows his stuff.

He see's right through 'Papa Bear's',

exterior, so strict and gruff.

The other guys in the shop,

you don't too much often see,

but Nick, Christian, Rick and Campo

sure get big kudos from me!

Without the trades they add,

many choppers wouldn't get done.

They make a workday look so easy

and they sure know how to have fun!

The bikes built at OCC-

well, they are well-crafted treasures.

Tasty treats of eye-candy for me

and all my viewing pleasures.

I never miss a single show,

cause I won't 'be stupid', no way!

I always make sure to tune right in,

to see what new things they'll all say!

Yeah, they can be loud and rowdy,

boistrous, ornary and such,

but that's what makes them 'real' to us

and loved so very much!

Just an hour every week,

is my 'short-lived' escape,

from my realities of an afflicted life

in all its distorted shape.

A little bit of a 'getaway'

for even so short a time,

makes me all, but forget,

all these aches and pains of mine.

Just an hour to laugh and chuckle,

drowns out the painful cries.

And it is mostly for that reason, I thank,

all those GREAT and talented OCC guys!

©Cathy Faist 2004

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a thanks to my fav show American Chopper and the guys there at OCC(Orange County Choppers)
They make me laugh so damn much!! lol

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