Pragor And The Elf

Pragor was a nasty troll

who lived under Bristol Bridge.

He'd loom there waiting scare off

all who ventured over the ridge.

He was large and ugly

his demeanor very rotten.

Everything he had, he stole

his riches all ill-gotten.

Having nary a friend

and not an ounce of any virture

Pragor loved to frighten everyone

for he had nothing better to do.

While he lie in wait

early one summer day

he saw someone in the distance

headed right his way.

Readying for the attack

hunched down very low

Pragor jumped out with a growl

and was met with a quiet..."Hello."

He stomped his feet and bellowed,

"How dare you speak to me!

I am a scary troll!

I bet you're frightened by what you see!!!"

The traveler was a tiny elf

only one quarter of Pragor's size.

He looked at Pragor oddly,

"Why, I should say, likewise."

Pragor appeared befuddeled.

"Why would I be frightened of a little elf?

You can do me no harm!

I've no reason to fear for myself!!!"

The elf grinned and chuckled,

"Ah, that is where you are wrong.

I may be a wee bit person,

but my powers are very strong."

Pragor laughing heartily

grabbed the elf in a mighty grasp.

"What can you do now, elf?"

But the elf didn't even gasp.

He merely shook his head,

"Troll, you may be surprised.

My powers aren't in muscle,

they are deep within my eyes."

Pragor was confused

but he couldn't help but glance.

He stared right into the elf's bright orbs

and was suddenly entranced!

Setting the elf down carefully,

Pragor smiled and apologized.

"Why my dear little fellow,

I'm sorry I acted so uncivilized!."

The elf straightened his coat,

"Its quite alright my friend.

No harm is done, all is well.

I think we can make ammends."

Pragor nodded his head vigorously,

"Yes! Anything I have is yours!"

So the elf took took all the stolen loot

to the owners he would restore.

He turned to Pragor before he left,

"It was nice to meet you, Mr. Troll.

Now I must be on my way

to return all that you stole.

But you must make a promise

to never again frighten or steal.

Or I will return once more

and my full powers I will reveal."

Pragor shook and nervously said,

"I do! I promise to behave!"

And with a nod of his head and a tip of his hat

the elf turned and left with a wave.

Now legend has it told

that to this very day,

Pragor has only friendly greetings

to those that come his way.

So the moral of this tale,

is be careful who you wrong.

Because even the the ones who appear weak

can prove to be the most strong!

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