From You, It Hurts The Most

Soul Poetry

I'm use to the indifference

people show me.

Use to the pain and sadness.

The emptiness.

The lonliness.

I'm use to being treated

as a non-person

used and pushed aside,

with little thought of how I feel.

I'm use to my tears going unseen-



I'm use to my voice being

unheard and ignored.

And while it hurts-


each and every time,

while it always cuts deeply

my soul and

into my heart,

making my worthlessness

all the more apparant-

from you...

it hurts the most.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

It's an irony that I read your piece here tonight. I've gone through so much pain tonight with the actions and mouth of my 32 year old daughter who is totally hateful and spiteful just for something to do. How this child of mine has gone from someone I raised to have manners,decency,and respect to this complete other person hurts me totally to my core and her lack of decency and respect to me as her mother is what hurts the most.Telling me tonight she wished I were dead. A 5yr old might say this in tantrum but a 32 yr old means it. I'm ashamed to call her my dtr ...