Consume Me

The Dark Side

My shadows are at my back again-

they lurk

waiting for the right moment

and it would seem,

they have found it.

I can't fight them anymore,

so I shall simply claim defeat

this time.

I have not the inner nor outter

strength to do this battle.

Not again.

Not another one.

And so what if I give up?

No one gives a shit,

the tears wouldn't fall

for very long.

I'm tired...

don't you understand?

I am just so damn tired

of the game!

I can't keep fighting this alone-

an army of one

with no troop support.

I'm fatigued and empty.


the emptiness is so strong,

so apparant,

that I feel concave

and vacant.

There is no 'better tomorrow.'

Been there, haven't done that.

My 'tomorrows' are always only

worse than my 'todays.'

I welcome the shadows,

willingly and subdued.

I lay myself prone

and bare to the soul.

Let them come,

let them come and devour me,

consume me,

for I have nothing left to

protest with anymore.

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ikarus_falls's picture

u can only fight them for so long