...and the moon answered


I sat there,

feeling lost.

One small entity

in a universe, vast,

where alone

is multiplied light years in time.

The only illumination

in a darkened world,

came from high above,

where I perched.

The moon-

full and luminous,

hung there silent,


My gaze was frozen

upon its ivory form,

as my soul asked unspoken questions,

whispered into chilled, midnight breezes.

Invisible dialogue flowed,

one-sided and free-form,

over the miles

that seperate earth from space,

and I waited...

Waited for reassurance

that tomorrow need not

be feared,

from the effects of today.

Gray-misted puffs glided over,

concealing the orb

from my line of vision

and covering any hopes I had.

My shoulders slumped

in the sadness of rejection,

that even the moon

would ignore my sorrow.

Then, in an instant

of a star's wink,

a lilac tainted current,

blew aside all clouds,

and a beam,

brighter than anything

I had ever witnessed,

engulfed my entire body

in comforting warmth.

I had asked...

...and the moon answered.

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Daniel Cole's picture

Lovely flowing writing. I like the way you have built up the atmosphere of the poem and your descriptions and imagery were appropriate. Also I really enjoyed the way you ended your poem...it really works well. All the best,