Sweet Dreams

Funny, Ha, Ha

One morning I woke up,

with a crazy notion in my head.

"Ya knowI think I'll stay right here...

I ain't getting out of this bed!"

I pulled the covers up,

knowing the world would keep.

I snuggled down real good,

and went right back to sleep.

I fell into my slumber,

my dreams they just went wild.

I saw myself from years ago,

a laughing, playing child.

Then I dreamt I was swept away,

lifted off my feet.

By a night in shining armor,

ah yes...that dream was sweet.

My dreams went on to other things,

in this long nap I was taking.

Till my eyes slowly opened,

and I again awakened.

Looking around to the clock,

I saw it was nearing noon.

I knew I had to get up,

but it was just too soon!

So I lay back down,

for awhile more I would stay.

Go back into my sweet dreams,

and let the world just fade away.

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