The stillness of the water,

appearing almost as glass.

Rippling slightly with the wind,

as each breeze blew slowly past.

The moon reflected brightly,

upon the crystal surface.

As though it was simply,

its only existing purpose.

Waves splashed quietly,

up to the water's edge.

Lapping onto rocks,

and along the cliffs edge.

Deep amidst the ocean,

amazing life resides.

Living in a harmony,

there within' the tides.

This peaceful force,

beautiful as can be.

Such a wondrous place,

the mighty powerful sea.

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Soukprida Phetmisy's picture

i really adore this poem.
perhaps, its my love for
the sea, or the water.
but i love your use of imagery.
and the way you string
your words together.
very nicely done.