Its something that I live with,

every single day.

There are rarely times,

when it goes away.

They are all-encompassing aches,

that my body suffers.

There's been so many medications,

that try to act as buffers.

Sometimes its unbelievable,

that a person can hurt this much.

It seems there isn't a part of me,

that this disease doesn't touch.

I pray for a little relief,

some respite from all my pain.

My body becomes so weakened,

from being under all this strain.

The dream and hope I have,

is that someday there will be a cure.

Then my pain will release me,

and I'll be healthy and strong once more.

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teresa_r's picture

i can really relate i have pain everyday to and it gets hard to deal with at times i love your poems. TERESA RIFE