If I Could Write A Country Song

Jus 4 Fun

If I could write a country song,

would it be a ballad or little ditty?

Would I write of something funny,

or something warm and pretty?

Maybe I'll add a pickup truck,

or a big ol' blue tick hound.

Maybe it would have a twangy tone,

or a drawling southern sound.

Would it be of heartache,

from a love that's gone awry?

Would it touch the listener,

to make them sad or cry?

Or it could be lighthearted,

having a toe-tapping beat.

Causing people to sing along,

in their cars out on the street.

I could write about a young couple,

a country boy and girl.

Or write in the style of someone else,

like A.J. or Strait or Merle.

Maybe it'll be a kickin' song,

full of life and fun.

Maybe I could submit it,

have it recorded by Brooks and Dunn.

But maybe it would be a duet,

sung by Faith and Tim.

One that people fall in love to,

when the lights are dim.

If I could write a country song,

I hope it would be a favorite.

A number one, top of the charts,

award winning, Nashville hit!

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poeticangeltears84's picture

Hey this is a really awesome poem! I love country music, and I write lyrics, as well (um not the music though...not too musically in tune LOL)...but this was a really great lighthearted poem. Made me smile. Keep it up!!



The soul brings us to life. It leaves our bodies when we die. Why then, is it such a stretch to believe that poetry written from the heart is branded into our souls? Like love is the key to the heart, poetry must be the key to the soul.