Floodgate Of My Mind

Soul Poetry

So many thoughts inside my head,

struggle to break free.

In chaos they all jumble about,

trying to escape from me.

When creative juices are flowing,

sometimes I think I'll drown-

the floodgate of my artist opens,

as waves of words roll down.

To damn it up would be futile,

for they must be allowed to stream out.

The only time they trickle slow,

is during a poet's drought.

So the levee shall be unfettered,

while I write along with the tides.

As long as the rains of verbose still fall,

my well remains undried.

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palewingedpoetess's picture

bravo Cathy! very well put. I have tried many times myself
to write of the writing process it is very difficult to explain to any run of the mill layman but you hit it on the head squarely. Thanks so much for sharing. most sincerely Melissa Lundeen