Who Took The 'Happy' Out Of 'Happy Birthday?'

Someone must have taken it,

stolen it away.

Because it sure is missing,

for me, this very day.

Its just another calendar date,

in everyone else's eyes.

But to me, its always lonely.

A day when my soul cries.

For others, it may be 'happy,'

those that share it too.

Not for me, because you see,

to me its nothing new.

The mailbox, it is empty,

no cards for the carrier to bring.

The phone, it sits there silent,

seldom does it ring.

No letters, e-mails or messages.

I didn't expect this one to be different anyway.

Like every one before this year's.

someone took the 'happy' out of my birthday.

Cathy Faist 6-30-03

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

Man, I'm so sorry to hear that...no one should have a messed up birthday. But in one point of time, we all do. My birthday last year sucked ass, but so far today, it has been a good one. For what it's worth Happy Belated Birthday