A Little Flower Tries


Determined not to fade away,

a victim of winter's wrath,

a flower who should be dormant now,

takes a different path.

It stands there all alone,

fighting off wind and snow.

A lone soldier in season's battle,

dead-set on continuing to grow.

Frigid rains and icy sleet,

pour down each tiny petal.

Waging a fight of winter's rights,

in this score it has to settle.

So gallant a little flower,

until the bitter end.

Its leaves begin to wither cold.

Stem begins to bend.

For Mother Nature has other plans,

even tho little flower tries.

Temperature drops below freezing mark;

a little flower dies.

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Terri Cox's picture

AAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW even though it's a flower it's a sad ending, and the rest is enjoyable. Reminds me of one that my sister wrote. One flower (?) something like that. read hers at www.postpoems.com/members/stephlovespoems

Candi Felker's picture

awwwww...how sad. tha little flower died.lol! good poem. keep writing.