What's In A Name???


Weeping willows don't weep. Tall Pines don't pine.

Isn't Petunia, that cartoon swine?

Blue Bells don't ring. Tulips never speak.

Buckeyes can't see (though sometimes, they peek!)

Douglas wears no fur. Susan's eyes aren't black.

A fox wears no gloves-according to Farmer's Almanac.

Gladiolas aren't glad. Bleeding hearts don't bleed.

Baby's Breath isn't that fragrant, after the noontime feed!

Thyme wears no watch. Rosemary has not a thorn.

There are no ears, on any variety of corn!

Squash isn't flattened. Hemlock has no key.

A Dogwood's only bark, grows upon the tree!

Dragons can't snap. Eggs on plants cannot grow.

Winter isn't that green, when its all covered in snow!

Crab Apples aren't grouchy and neither is grass.

Dandelions don't roar (but are known to be crass!)

Forget-Me-Nots can't seem to remember. Impatiens can only wait

Those little cups aren't filled with butter. Not even margarine can they create!

Nature sure is confusing! It really baffles me...

That what some things are called, are really not what I see!

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Terri T's picture

Very cute and clever. I can't believe I haven't commented yet, I must have read it ten times! I love it.
Terri Cox (Now Terri T)

Gerald Rinks's picture

This is clever and pretty much well written. But mostly a joy to read. Thanks!

sam's picture

I had just read terri cox's "I don't understand" before I read this. I think they are realy alike and both equally as brilliant.