Reluctant Dawn


Languid rays-

like arms,

stretch upward,

as early morning eyes

peek from beneath

its nightcap.

Dawn desires

a few more moments

of sleep

before approaching

the long day

of its profession.

Procrastinating a bit longer,

with obvious reluctance,

it creeps slowly

from horizon's bed,

and into place.

Till finally,

with one long,

sighing yawn,

it bursts forth

upon the land,

awakening the day.

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David Richardson's picture

The beauty of a morning dawn could not be more beautifully described as this. Your visionary skils in this poem is outstanding-the picture you paint with your poetric brush is simply breathtaking. Thank you Cathy for sharing your visionary poetic beauty of sunrise with me and have a very beautiful 4th of July weekend.

Dave Richardson