The Gardener

In a place of natural beauty,

she sat among the fauna.

A morning rain mixed with the heat,

created an outdoor sauna.

Shears in hand she set to work,

pruning and pulling weeds.

Watering and caring for her flowers,

she had planted all from seeds.

They were like her children

and she treated them as such.

Giving nurturing and guidance,

to these ones she loves so much.

Approaching nigh on 90 years,

on weakened breath her wishes she gave.

She asked that all her beloved flowers,

be planted on her grave.

That is where they are growing now,

atop her final resting place.

And they never looked more beautiful,

then when covering their gardener with grace.

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David Richardson's picture

What a very beautiful and sensitve poem you have written.The poem is overflowing with beauty and love for a beautiful lady who have put so much toil and care into Mother Earth to create beautiful flower beds of sheer beauty.This poem actualy brought tears to my eyes for its sherre vision and beautiful script. Cathy, thank you for sharing this beautiful masterpiece with me. Have a very beautiful week and please take care.

Dave Richardson