The Fight Of Your Life Parts I, II & III


The Fight Of Your Life Pt. I


Dragging you down

Encasing your heart

Pulling you under

Refusing to depart

Everything looks bleak

Surrounding you with doubt

Screaming inside your head

It won't let you out

Ongoing battles

Never receding

Sinister thoughts

Grow into believing

Rationality is lost

As you struggle to survive

Sanity weakens

Pushing reality aside

Written By: Cathy Faist 04/01/02


The Fight Of Your Life Pt. II


Sunk in depression

All looks bleak

Nothing matters

Inside you feel weak

Trying so hard

Your mind attacks

Survival instincts

Start to fight back

Taking you inward

Refusing to loose

Urging you onward

Garnering weapons to use

Gradually the demons

Lie crumpled in defeat

Enemies of the mind

Start to retreat

Written By: Cathy Faist 04/01/02


The Fight Of Your Life Pt. III


Many hours of struggle

Inside your weary soul

Now all lay behind

Depression lost its hold

Sanity was reclaimed

Visions no more haunt

Inner voices heard

Can no longer taunt

Turning yourself around

Onward you now run

Rising from the wreckage

Your personal battle won

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Shaketa Copelin's picture

I really have to commend you for your positive attitude about your situation...I've read a few of these poems you wrote about the Lupus and they are so sad, it makes me angry that you have to endure such a tribulation, but you are doing a wonderful job. I am one of the many people who are proud of you!