Short Stuff

Life is like a book...

A story that was penned.

It wouldn't be the same...

If we already knew the end.


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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I really like this short sweet to the point and most of all true-excellent!

Terri Cox's picture

I know what you mean! If I knew where and what would happen later in my life, I wouldn't see the point in living. Life is about surprises! I also see the logical side of this poem being an absolute crazy-book-lover. It's no fun when you know what happens, but, unfortunately, sometimes the suspense gets too much and I end up begging people who have already read the book how it ends. It's just a good thing that are are some reluctant people, who just keep you begging. You're right, this poem is short and sweet, and enjoyable while it lasts. Feel free to read some of my new works, I think you may enjoy The Wild Cat!
Thanks and applause, Terri.