Cruel Fate

Rhyming Poetry

Reaching out in the middle of the night.

quietly, I call your name.

but in the darkness, it echoes back.

And nothing is the same.

Amidst the blackness I feel the loss,

of where you use to sleep.

Clinging to your pillow now,

Into which I weep.

The days and nights are mingled,

light and dark entwined.

I no longer function now,

with pain and love combined.

It probably would be easier,

knowing why we parted.

But the words were never spoken,

and so I'm broken hearted.

It seems so wrong to question fate,

Its like breaking every rule.

But it took my love and all my dreams,

How could it be so cruel?

So upon my bed of loneliness,

Is forever where I'll lie.

Questioning the Heaven's

of why you had to die.....


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Samantha Kraus's picture

Wow.. this poem is incredibly beautiful. I think all of us have felt this way after losing someone we love at some point in our lives. You sum it up so perfectly, and make the experience into something so much more beautiful than it is. You're very talented.. keep it up.

Shaketa Copelin's picture

wow, this was a really sad poem, but it was written well