In my fist I hold a sturdy leash~

my wolf never far, I'm in its reach.

Placed in my grip by the hand of fate~

a binding chain of heavy weight.

Wolf takes lead, I'm forced to follow~

I tread lightly knowing, my life, wolf could swallow.

Wolf trails a scent of shaking fear~

always knowing, it's prey is near.

When its time, that wolf must feed~

it nips my soul, until I bleed.

I walk wolf's path in silent resistance~

for if step should falter, t'would end my existence.

Bound to wolf, that's by my side~

when linked as one...you cannot hide.

Sometimes my wolf chooses to run~

I'm dragged over rocks, till overcome.

I know when wolf is on the prowl~

for it emits, bloodthirsty howl.

I live in this, my invisible cage~

at the mercy of, my own wolf's rage.

There is for me, no escaping~

I'm left a victim-bloody wounds gaping.

What will I've left, is fading quick~

My wolf knows always what pain to inflict.

Finding a weakness, wolf lunges swift~

fangs find flesh, consciousness drift.

When moon is full, I fear the most~

wolf's eyes turn the black of forest ghost.

If only wolf were pet-or trusted friend~

my fated hell would finally end.

But wolf remains, here by my side~

unmoved by pleas or tears I've cried.

So I walk with wolf linked to my soul~

the length of leash, my only means of control.

But I dare not yank, nor try to flee~

for wolf is a hunter and would devour me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*note: 'WOLF' in Latin...is 'Lupus'~which is a disease I suffer from among others. The wolf has long been associated to us 'Lupies' and is why I use it often in my writings about Lupus-life.

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