And Then, She Cried

Soul Poetry

She kept her head up,

shoulders straight.

Met the looks

with a head on stare.


She heard the whispers,

felt the shun,

knew there was gossip

upon wagging tongues

of the misinformed.

She chose to ignore

the rumors-

chose not to defend herself

against the falsehoods

they made.

She knew she wasn't

the way they beileved

her to be.

She knew they weren't truth-

and with no validation

of their claims

she felt no need for rebuttle.

Her strong will

kept her going-

(for she had fought foes

far worse than these)

-not around those circles,

but traipsing straight through

the center of the maddening crowds.

Head still high,

ignoring their biting remarks,

shrugging aside

the hurt she felt.

She wouldn't give them

the benefit of her tears.

Not to such folk


of seeing her break.

She moved onward and away

from the bloodthirsty lot

to her destination.

Her quiet place of soiltude

that no one but she, could access.

She closed the door

behind her,

leaned against the cool wood,

emitting a choked sigh.

Her shoulders slumped,

her head fell forward-

arms wrapped tightly around herself,

she slid slowly to the floor.

And then, she cried.

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