Tears Of Liberty

Lady Liberty looked on

with tears in her eyes

as terror reigned on our land

and in our blue skies.

She wept along with us

our anguish she shared.

Keeping her harbor watch

as she stood there and stared.

She wrapped us up

in her sheltering arms,

trying to shield us

from any more harms.

She dried our tears

on the sleeve of her gown.

Her light of freedom shone steady

in her torch and her crown.

Like a fierce mother

protecting her young,

she gathered us close

and to her we clung.

We took shelter and solace

amidst her long robe,

while sympathy poured in

from every corner of the globe.

She remains our beacon,

our guiding light.

When we needed her most

she held us all tight.

The tears of Liberty, that day,

raised the river's tide,

as along with us all,

she too cried.


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