The Darker Place I Go

The Dark Side


I'm headed down that road again

the one with no turn-around.

The one that tempts

and beckons

like offerings of water

to a desert-parched soul.


Its safer at the end of there-

for no one dares follow

not even to lead you back

from the brink-

so cold-hearted and barren

of emotions they are already.


No...simply emotionless,

they watch you walk

farther and farther away

sucked down deeper

into the blackness-

and they don't even wave goodbye.


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MajesticDravon's picture

Good write

Thank you for sharing.

Growing up, with all the stuff happening I went to a place within where the world could not contact me when I had to shut down.

Now, this gray ashy barren world of mine I don't know what to do but reflect on all that has happen here and keep growing.


I am an artist of words as well as paints.