And Still, I'll Love Them




They've hurt me very hard, And broke my mother's heart,

Simply because, I now desire, A new and a hurtless start.


They've gone and taken sides, Have spread some awful lies,

But God knows well, the truth- It can't hide from His knowing eyes.


I left behind that life, That for too long, became, my living hell.

Yet, here I'm am, still a victim, Since they learned his ways so well.


I've tried my best, for all those years, And I waited till they grew.

Hiding away in the misery I suffered, That no one really knew.


But life and years were moving forward, While I was left so far behind.

I knew it was at last, my season, For my happiness, to try and find.


And then in an amazing gift from God, There came, my true soul mate-

Someone who made me hope again, I know it could only be God's fate.


But I swear, by all I am and have, It was NOT the cause of my choice. 

I'd simply had enough of the emotional pain- And I'd finally found my voice!


I'd made my decision for the divorce, long before he came along.

And I and God, know that's the truth-That I've not done anything wrong!


For years I suffered in silence, So very alone inside.

No one heard my quiet voice, Or saw the many tears, I cried.

So I'd made a life, changing choice, between finally living, or dying...

Now they choose, so unwisely, between telling the truth and lying.


But they are now accusing me, Of things and sins I did not, commit.

For I haven't even seen him yet- And we won't, until the divorce permits.


So why have they turned against, The one who gave them life through birth?

Am I so unworty, of their love, And do I have so very little worth?


I've tried to give them time, to come to terms with all thats changed,

But, they don't make an effort, I'm ignored and they're still estranged.


And despite their hurtful treatment, I've never loved them to less extent.

But oh, how disappointed I am-I never raised them to so resent.


I don't know what else to do anymore, So I'll keep giving them their space.

And hide my utter, agonizing heart, Behind a cheerful, smiling face.


But when they are finally ready, I'll simply open my arms up wide.

And still love them like I always have, and lay all the hurting aside.




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a.griffiths57's picture

    Wonderful heartfelt and



Wonderful heartfelt and emotional read; I could feel the hurt in you and also the loving forgiveness.

Your as steadfast in your faith as you are in love and forgiveness, that is brilliant. I hope your reunion is not to far away. Enjoyed your poem, a true thoughtful look at life.

cathycavalcante's picture

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words.

They really mean a lot to know that I have succeeded in saying what needs to be said. I pray they read it as well and gleem the same from it, as you, my poetic friend. Blessings! :)