Life...I'm Over It


Darkness come and take me, please,

engulf me in your deathly grip.

For life has long now, lost its charm-

I'm about done with this empty trip.


I no longer feel the pointless need,

to continue living on, like this-

For life is no sweet bed of roses,

and so damn far from any bliss.


I've never been, worth anything much,

and not even worth fighting for.

I'm better off, just cold and dead,

lying lifeless upon the floor.


'Cause no one would even miss me,

'nor even shed a phony tear.

If they did, they would have given a shit,

while I was still alive...and living here.


People just don't realize,

how their in-actions so much affect.

How withholding, love and affection,

makes one feel, so damn bereft.


I'm just so broken and so defective-

Not worth anyone's passing thought.

I've lived my life always loving others...

but apparently its all been, for naught.


So heart, please now stop beating-

Lungs, take your final, agonizing breath.

For maybe I'll find, what I didn't have in life-

love, peace and acceptance, at last, in death.











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