Guitar Man (For John Williams)

Music sounds from afar

The young man strums on his guitar

As music blares

The faces stare

Drums are sounding out the beat

The fans are melting in the heat

As sweat starts dripping in the crowd

Guitar man turns his amp up loud

Keyboards hum a soulful tune

The musics end begins to loom

The sound is dying

Fans are crying

Guitar man turns his amp down low

An acoustic rhythm begins to flow

One last song before the closure

Then the band packs up, the concerts over

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by, and written for an awesome guitarist I know called John, - You know who you are!! :-) Also dedicated to GSC - You're one in a million G!

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Ravin_Fish's picture

awesome, reminds me of all the times ive been to concerts, and this poem brings life to the memories