Endless Night

Dark in the abyss of a mind not mine
Caged, an animal, no dreams or hopes
left in the cold whites of my eyes
Moons have come and passed me by
Evaded by death and shunned by life
I sit alone in a crowded room
not knowing which of myself to introduce

Lonely is the world of fools
So etherial normality seems
and always just out of my desperate reach
I have shed the tears of a thousand deaths
all funerals within a twisted mind
that seems as punishment was attached
to my neck 

Weary of the constant pain
the pills, the doctors, all my chains
weighing me down without bringing change
The girl in the mirror laughs and cries
she seems to feel the same things as I
but wears a face I no longer recognize
a face not fit to her mind

My heart aches with the burden of all it feels
the fabricated joy, the empty fields, 
the barren wasteland this illness yields
I pray each night for peace of mind
But god dare not be so kind
So I brace myself for the endless night

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