The Sparrow


Each step I take

Is it real or fake

Does it ripple in this reality

Or is it lost in suspended belief


I can hear the whispers inside my mind

Claws tearing everything in sight

Is there no release from this

Goddamned psychosis


I can hear, but I cannot see

The Sparrow

It calls to me


Every time I open my eyes

I am lost in a different world

Who's to say what is reality

This moment is as real as memories

Take my hand tell me where I am

Who knows where I'll be tomorrow

Desolate lights fuel the nights

In the Winter of the Sparrow


Sparrow. Sparrow

I have lost all control

Sparrow. Sparrow

Desolation has taken over


A thing of luck

Turned to a thing of evil

A messenger

Into the underworld

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Metaphysical World

captured between dream, existence, madness, and poetic license, the last being the most terrifying - a solid write - yr poempal,  slc



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Thanks, I'm glad you didn't

Thanks, I'm glad you didn't get lost in this poem. I feared that it would be too hard to follow, but I wanted it that way.