Morbidly Pathetic

Draw a chalk outline all around me,

Cover me in a plastic sheet.

Analyse the position of my body,

Put name tags on my feet.

Take me to the morgue and inform them that I'm gone,

'It didn't have to end this way,

But she just couldn't go on'.

Let them perform an autopsy and

Stand above me as they slice,

Trying to uncover the secrets of my demise.

Ponder upon a motive,

Question every little thing.

But everything will all be in the right place,

A dead body,

But no reason for its being.

But if you go into my chest,

And examine my bloody heart,

You'll see that very carefully,

It's been torn apart.

You'll find pieces of it shattered,

Stuck inbetween my lungs,

So be very, very delicate,

Don't use your metal tongues.

Because even though the shell is dead,

The heartache still lives on,

You can never mend a broken heart,

It stays with you 'til you're gone.

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Nauplii's picture

wow i absolutely LOVE this poem! excellent work!