Proud To Share Gay Love

“Proud To Share Gay Love”


Today I logged on to social media and was flooded with photos of heterosexual love.

Desiring to one day display similar gay visuals was all I could think of.

But then it hit me again like a ton of bricks; like it has so many times before.

Gay love is not really welcomed and is often considered an eye sour.

Although gay love is not different than traditional love it is frequently viewed with disgust!

In most people’s opinions it’s supposed to be a secret but never displayed or discussed.

I am supposed to just “like” all the heterosexual unions and wish the couple forever success.

I am supposed to be ashamed of my love and never allow it to publicly confess.

I am supposed to pretend to be happy, get married, have children and fit in with society.

I am supposed to cheat on women with men and have a double life of constant down low variety.

I am supposed to consciously live a complete lie and not let selfish betrayal to women bother me.

I am supposed to step all over the hearts of the women who’s love I obtained fraudulently.

Even in this day and age with all the “equal rights” gay love is still not encouraged to reveal.

Gay love is considered the ultimate sin despite containing the same elements of how traditional love feels.

I get so tired of the “hollier than thou” “part time male Christians” throwing scriptures in my face!

The sad thing is more often than not they’re the same ones trying to late night creep to my place.

I refuse to conform to what is popular just to prevent myself being labeled an outcast.

I am comfortable enough  in my skin to not let hypocrits stop me from being prideful of a love that will last.

So yeah I will share my photos of my lovers just like everyone else; it is only fair.

I won’t worry about a “like” because that is not the reason I chose to share!


By Bryant Mosley


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after observing the double standard and hypocricy of quote christian men going to great extremes to pretend to be straight by using women and chastising open gay men while secretedly pursuing the gay men on the down low. It will never change but it is certainly not anything I am interested in conforming to. 

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