Banana Leaf Wishing Well (Rhyme)


There's a full moon tonight

Revelled in cotton fluff

Melodies trick the light

To group abundant love.

Toss a half-pence behind

Packaged in fervid care

A soft glimmer will take flight

Then, like pearls, fall from air

Doting before a dream

Inside the banana groves

Your shining star will gleam

If your heart's might shows

I harness that faint hope

As it drowns underwater

Allow those tears to flow

When my wish never stirs after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some wishes come true.  And some don't...  But that shouldn't stop you from wishing completely; that there's no more hope left anymore.  As for the Banana Leaf Wishing Well, I heard this myth a long time ago from my Dad.  There's this well where, if you take some small change with you on a full moon night, turn around and throw those coins into the well (I forgot the name and the place), it will grant your heart's desire if your heart is strong enough to wish for it...

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jonfeb's picture

Nice piece of work. Just wondering about half pence... the olde English way of saying this used to be ha'penny. Here's a link for you ~

Karyn Indursky's picture

I found your poem! I really liked this piece, but lacked the time to comment on it the other day. I like the notion of having a wishing well and dreams coming true. If I have it my way, Conner will embrace at least a wishing well or two in his day and will believe in his heart that anything is possible. Thanks for sharing this piece with me. Now, send me the links to the other new poems you posted. Thanks!

jgupta's picture

Banana Leaf is sacred...

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

The wishing well, how well we could use many more of them, the coin toss on hope to realize a dream,ah that they could come true..........

Alan Cheng's picture

I would really like to go to that place where you can throw in a coin and make a wish that your heart truly desires, and maybe my wish or dream would actually come true one day!! I would really love for that to happen!! I have a big dream and wish in my life that I'd like to fulfill as a career in my future, and I'd really like for it to happen in reality!! =)

I really love what you wrote in this poem, and it really speaks out with a lot of love and harmony, or at least that's what I think, but again, I really love what you wrote in this poem, and it really speaks out with a lot of love and harmony!! =)

greenmeadow's picture

Folks like us back home have too many supertitious beliefs passed down by our old schools. Such is the nature of our culture, though personally, I don't follow them. They can be interesting stories to tell and good form of entertainment to the young ones.

You have transcend that piece of story to a poem so magical in your own words. You're quite a genius.

"Did not our heart burn within us?" ~Luke 24:32