Just Be (Rhyme)

The rat race in this Life

Can sometimes be in strife

When others tell you what you must be

Disallowing individuality

If you're searching for truth

Be ready, for they'll refute!

of who you want to be

Making it murky for you to see

(When you want to be real...)

Learning to love yourself

Is such a great deal of help

Go look into the mirror

So it can all be clearer

"If I become someone else

It isn't me, nay, but less

If it's not in my heart

Definitely it's the wrong start"

~ It makes sense to be ~

...so just be...

...so just be...

~ It's inside me ~

~ All I need is to just be ~

~ All I want is to be me ~


Then I'll feel so much relief

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rhyme / Freeflow;  I just try to be me...  not anyone else for "if I become someone else, who will be me?"

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Karyn Indursky's picture

This poem hits home for me. I've found with liking myself and being myself my whole life. I've finally given up on trying to change to be what everyone else wants and desires. It's impossible to make everyone happy and in the end I can't change anyway. I still hold the same standards, the same morals, the same intelligence and lack there of, the same family, the same friends, the same poetry, etc. Now, that I've learned it's better to be myself I want to pass that onto my son, Conner. I hope he doesn't try to be someone he's not to impress other people, but at some point I think we all have done it. So, wish me luck in teaching him to be himself and to love himself.

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

completely agree with piece and your authors comment... - Ruth Lovejoy