Renverser les Mains du Temps Pour Mon Amour (Turn Back Time For My Love)

[English translation on bottom]

Je me souviens le façon

que vous m'embrassiez

C'était toujours suffisant

sous le ciel rose coloré

Votre *baiser tendre

que m'a fait fondu, complète,

votre tendress et voix

je suis perdu sans ma chère

Ne me relâchez pas

comme le Temps est contre nous

je ne sais pourqoui

je vous cherche si je vous ai perdu

Vite!  Prennez mes mains

car nous voyagerons là,

à la Lune, avec soin

où nous habitons ensemble

(English translation)

I remember the way

you used to hold me

It was always enough

beneath the rose colored sky

Your tender kiss (*or "fuck" if you know the French slang)

that makes me melt, so completed,

Your touch and voice,

I'm lost without you my dear

Don't let me go

As Time is against us

I don't know why

I'll find you if you're lost

Hurry!  Take my hands

because we'll travel there,

to the Moon, with care

where we'll live together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Language:  French.  / I haven't met my special someone yet but this goes to that person if we do meet someday...  (by the way, sorry about the word "baiser."  In French, that word means "kiss" but in French slang it means "fuck."  I didn't realize it until the end...  I've turned a PG-13 romance poem into a XXX poem.  LOL!)

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Karyn Indursky's picture

I think you may try to be innocent, but underneath you have a sexual side and it was peeking out from your subconscious when you wrote this. I think it's rather funny. I'm just wondering how long you can hide your "maturing desires."

Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

J'ai rit!!! - Bryan Adam