Everyday I Wish

Outside I leave my home to watch the night sky.

Seated alone upon the high roof I silently look towards the vast sea of space that has existed eons longer than a simple me.

The moon both mysterious and gentle reaches out

from the air as it floats upon that wide canvas of black and blue.

With each passing moment as the starry sky shines

I wish even if in vain.

Does it make me the fool to at least hope?

Does wishing for something create a predicted battle as an absolute failure?

Although seemingly stubborn is the thing I still try.

Mirror-like puddles below reflect that beautiful panoramic view above me.

Fleeting zephyrs suddenly caress my naked skin.

Roses and wind chimes and nightly birds from around the neighborhood sway in harmony with the soft air.

Everything appears so magical as I wish.

Is it possible to reach the sky as I continue?

Will heaven be able to grant an innocent request?

Hugging my knees with me looking to the sky

wishing is what's left of what I can do.

With everything gone as it is I will go on believing.

Even at the deepest pit of both futility and negativity

wishing and hoping will bring me out of it for hope leads to inner strength to carry on.

Therefore, I wish and wish and wish and wish...

I'm not letting go of hope.

Hope is what you give to yourself

when everything is lost.

Closing my eyes to this moonlit scene I wish.

Nothing can stop me now.

No one can stop me from hoping or wishing in these dark hours.

Bright moonlight continues shining and stars continue to sparkle like diamonds.

When these things stop will I then release my wish.

I'll let go of hope that I still cling to me dearly.

Until then, I wish.

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Cathleen R.'s picture

Yes, never lose hope. Hope is what keeps us going much of the time, even when all else is lost. And it's amazing to think about how insignificant our problems actually are when we take a moment to look at how incredibly vast the universe is. We're not even a speck in the cosmos.