Stringing Silly Phrases Together 5

Being chased by a one-legged football quarterback

I instantly made premade scrambled eggs with my tin pot

and dropped it on the floor.

Hopefully he'll be distracted as I make my getaway.

But NO!!!  He ran past it.

Charging like a stubborn bull I ran into a ladies sauna

with my chicken legs and dashed to the nearest exit.

I could hear screams echo from the room calling for

911 assistance.

I heard another say "What a spectacle!"

Faintly as I go for the next room I heard "WHAT NERVE!!!  Get them."

Uh-oh.  Now I'm done for.  Chased by not only that fuming man but a group of towel covered ladies?

I see an emergency fire extinguisher up ahead.

Grabbing it I hosed down all who came near.

Slipping and sliding all over was a amusing sight to see.

A group of Czechoslovakian tourists amazed at half naked ladies with a one legged man struggling to get up laughed uproariously.

The ladies and the single man, annoyed, started a fist brawl.

All hell broke loose as hair was being pulled, fists flying here and there, towels whiplashed at groins, and more slipping and sliding.

I'm an artist you see and look at the trouble I've caused.

All I ever wanted was to borrow the football player's prosthetic leg for my art.  Oh well.  Look at the new art I've created with this scene!!!  Perfect!!!  Magnifico!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

har har har...

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Bryan Adam Tomimbang's picture

Wouldn't this be interesting if it really happened?